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Clear Books

Clear Books is small business accounting software that enables users to manage invoicing processes, purchases and expenses, financial reports and tax submissions. The platform enables users to create customizable invoices that facilitate customer payment submission, sends automated late payment notification emails, and provides users with a variety of financial reports including profit and loss, balance sheets, audit logs and trial balance reports.


Kashoo is small business online accounting and bookkeeping software that facilitates the key accounting processes and workflows including invoice management, expense management and payment operations. The platform enables users to create and send branded invoices, track and store expense-related information and and attachments, and create and download multiple report types including profit and loss, receivables, and payables.

Crunch Online Accounting Software

Crunch Online Accounting Software is small business accounting software designed to support freelancers, contractors, startups and small business owners. The platform provides users with real-time financial account views and updates, supports invoicing processes, and enables users to manage and process expenses.


FreeAgent is small business accounting software designed to support small and micro businesses, freelancers and small business accountants. The platform enables users to set up automated recurring invoices and payment reminders, manages expenses through receipt image capture capabilities and expense management categories, and provides users with visibility into multiple project aspects such as invoices, estimates, expenses, tasks and time management.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting is small business accounting software that enables users to track income and expenses, prepare for tax filing processes, and maintain visibility and understanding of full business status. The platform is designed to support non-accountants and those not familiar with accounting jargon, connects to the user’s bank account and credit card accounts, and automatically imports all transactions into the bookkeeping system.

LessEverything LessAccounting

LessAccounting is small business accounting software designed for simplified accounting processes including recording and categorizing business expenses, identifying owed amounts and sending related online invoices, and enabling tax professionals to access and download required accounting information. The platform allows users to upload receipt images when tracking and recording expenses, send due expense reminders, and track all expenses by project, income type, or category.


Xero is small business accounting software that provides users with real-time cash flow views, enables users to reconcile, send invoices and create expense claims from any location, and import and categorize bank transactions within the system. The platform processes invoices and quotes, enables users to reconcile credit card and PayPal transactions, and tracks all inventory, sales and purchasing processes.