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TPSynergy Supply Chain Collaboration

TPSynergy Supply Chain Collaboration is supply chain management software that provides suppliers with easy-to-use order management tools, and an online portal for shipments and invoicing processes. The platform is designed to integrate with existing ERP tools and accounting systems such as QuickBooks, and utilizes EDI, XML and API tools to optimize supply chain systems.

Zycus Supplier Management

Supplier Management is a supply chain collaboration software solution. Businesses that have good relationships with suppliers are bound to have a competitive edge over their competitors.

Arena Exchange

Arena Exchange is supply chain management and collaboration software that facilitates collaboration between multiple users at all supplier levels. The platform allows users to review, comment, approve or reject build packages, as well as monitor approval statuses and receive real-time project activity updates.

– Capgemini IBX Business Network

Capgemini IBX Business Network is an e-procurement software solution that shares information to all users in the supply chain. At the start, the program can connect users to over 500,000 suppliers across the globe. Users can then search for the goods they need and submit POs to suppliers. The system ensures that all purchasing data is consistent between all involved parties and also enforces compliance with vendor contracts.

Avangate Channel Manager

Avangate Channel Manager is a type of supply chain software that streamlines fulfillment and distribution operations so that supply chains can function without any issues. The platform allows users to enter partners into its database, set global compliance policies and maintain cash flow and credit limits.

Ivalua Sourcing

Ivalua Sourcing provides users with a set of collaboration tools they can use throughout the sourcing process. After users compile a list of suppliers, they can then send out a RFQ to each one and have them reverse bid on it.

Ivalua Supplier Management

Ivalua Supplier Management ensures that each of the user’s supplier’s performance is up to speed so that they can avoid any possible problems in the supply chain. The program starts off by attaching a detailed risk profile to each supplier.

Demand Works Smoothie Desktop

Smoothie Desktop is demand planning software that provides users with sales and operation planning tools presented in a browser interface. The platform is equipped with inventory segmentation and optimization tools, forecasting capabilities, and combines Pivot Forecasting and data-based demand management with advanced demand planning tools.

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Top 5 Supply Chain Collaboration Software

Supply chain collaboration systems help strengthen vendor relationships to foster a synchronized supplier network. Learn more about automation capabilites, access controls and other key features in the Top 5 Supply Chain Collaboration vendors report.