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Shoeboxed Fetch

Fetch is accounting and expense management software that provides users with an easy way to track and reimburse employee expenses. The platform enables employees to use the mobile app to take pictures of receipts for submission, notifies company admins of all expenses submitted by employees, and allows supervisors to view pending expenses through an admin dashboard, as well as approve full reimbursements directly to the employee’s bank account.

PROCAS Expense

PROCAS Expense is expense report software that ensure that companies abide by government procurement laws and the principals of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). The platform maintains a complete record of the maximum rates for lodging, M&IE (meals and incidental expenses) and mileage reimbursement. This database is cross-indexed for all Federal Travel Regulations (FTR) listed cities and counties.

3 Business-Friendly Travel and Expense Management Software Partnerships

Having an abundance of travel and expense management software platforms to choose from leads to the next best thing: partnerships between leading companies and break-out vendors. Here are three successful partnerships between travel and expense management software platforms and big-name businesses that decided to team up with them.


Abacus is a travel and expense management software solution for employees to receive reimbursements. The platform allows users to integrate their bank accounts into the system, submit reimbursement requests and receipts and have the program automatically sort expenses by employee, category, project, location and more.


ProOnGo is a travel and expense management software solution that allows users to report expenses remotely. The platform allows users to scan, upload and send receipts to the program each time users want to submit reimbursement requests and the product then takes these receipts and automatically categorizes each expense.


Shoeboxed is a travel and expense management software solution that allows users to remotely store and browse online receipts. The platform allows users to either physically send receipts to the Shoeboxed team via mail or upload and email them to the company and once the Shoeboxed team receives a receipt, it is scanned and put into an online database.

The Secret to Pain-Free Corporate Travel Management

With the extreme need for international travel, companies need to track expenses, manage travel time, and know where employees are on the global map. Sound impossible? Luckily, a specialized type of software handles this: Travel Management Software.

– Tangoe TEM

Tangoe TEM is an expense management software solution that is designed to help control telecom costs across an enterprise. The program shows all open expenses, the owner of each expense and the reason for the expense. Once an expense is verified as legitimate, users can sign off on it, store its invoice and send out a payment to the vendor.

City of Georgetown Streamlines Its Spend Management Processes Using SutiExpense

The City of Georgetown wanted to streamline their expense management process, and discovered that SutiSoft SutiExpense was the perfect solution for the job. Read on for the complete case study.

SutiSoft’s Agility & Responsiveness Proved to be the Difference for Rinnai

Download this free whitepaper to learn about how Rinnai America Corp. successfully adapted and streamlined finances with SutiSoft SutiExpense expense management