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Let’s Talk DonorSnap: Behind the Software with Co-Founder Dennis Mueller

Nonprofits require specialized products to address their range of financial, marketing and client relationship management needs. Yet oftentimes these industry-specific solutions are unreasonably priced for the companies that need them most: charities with minimal personnel operating on tight budgets. We talked to Dennis Mueller, co-founder of DonorSnap, about how the company got its start, his exasperation with the layered pricing models of other specialized nonprofit solutions, and why he was such a stickler about DonorSnap’s simplistic pricing plan.


DonorSnap is donor management and fundraising software that tracks all contacts, donations, members, pledges, volunteers, and event registrations. The platform is equipped with toolsets focused on contact management, donation management, reporting and communication, is available as a mobile application, and allows users to customize the dashboard interface to include or exclude any applications in order to streamline day-to-day processes.