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E2open Zyme Channel Data Management

Zyme Channel Data Management is a businesses intelligence platform designed to manage a business’s data channels. The software enables companies to significantly grow their business by offering transformative insights. The application runs on algorithms and global databases which enable the program to a substantial amount of transactions into channel intelligence.

E2open Analytics and Visualization

E2open Analytics and Visualization is big data analytics and visualization software that enables users to generation standard, ad-hoc and subscription-based operational reports. The platform enables users to graphically analyze all supply chain and asset impact data, compare supply chain performance against chosen KIPs, and drill down into individual transactions.

E2open Supply Management

E2open Supply Management is supply chain management software that facilitates visibility, control, and collaboration for buy-side activities. The platform enables users to align company operations across global supply networks and shifting market requirements, as well as integrate and automate end-to-end supply chain processes.

E2open Sensing and Planning

E2open Sensing and Planning is demand and supply chain planning software purpose-built to ensure up-to-date instructions and planning details are sent to suppliers and provides users with signal repository and retail insights. The platform is equipped to generate forecasts based on current market realities, monitor demand signals across the value chain and is designed to work with existing demand planning systems already in place.

– E2 Open E2 Process Management

E2 Open E2 Process Management is a BPM software solution that is designed to work across supply chains. The program comes with workflows for suppliers and manufacturers and helps provide visibility over the entire supply chain. These workflows allow users to submit orders, manage inventory and check on order statuses.