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e2b teknologies Anytime Assets

Anytime Assets is an asset management system that can be used to track virtually any type of asset the user owns. The program can work with physical assets, such as people and equipment, as well as digital assets, such as images and contracts.

e2b teknologies Anytime Collect

Anytime Collect is an accounting software solution that users can use to collect payments and manage collection activities. The program monitors customer phone calls and cash flow, makes it easy to send out email invoices in bulk and stores PDF copies of all accounting documents.

– e2b teknologies Anytime Commerce

e2b teknologies Anytime Commerce is an eCommerce solution designed specifically for B2B stores. When customers go to your store, they can view your stock information, receive customer-specific pricing, and track transaction history. The program itself functions like a CMS platform, allowing you to arrange content via drag-and-drop. Lastly, e2b teknologies Anytime Commerce can calculate tax rates and shipping rates.

e2b teknologies Anytime 500

Anytime 500 works within Sage 500 to help users manage inventory and manufacturing processes. The core program can help users forecast demand in order to purchase intelligently and streamlines inventory management processes.

– e2b teknologies Anytime Supply Chain

e2b teknologies Anytime Supply Chain is a supply chain management system that works with your ERP system to help you make purchasing decisions for your company. To accomplish this, the program goes across your supply chain data and examines your production plans, sales, and DRP. Additionally, you can use this product to host an eCommerce system, track costs, monitor production cycles, and handle BOMs. All forecasts and reports from e2b teknologies Anytime Supply Chain can be exported as Excel files.

e2b teknologies Anytime Docs

e2b teknologies Anytime Docs is a document management software that integrates with other ERP and accounting software solutions. The platform allows users to create and manage PDF copies of accounting documents across the network, SharePoint or any other online storage.