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Superior Dairy Passes ‘Safe Quality Foods’ Inspection with Flying Colors Using eMaint X3

When Jason Wolfe joined Superior Dairy as Assistant Maintenance manager, he recognized a need for a CMMS to help reduce downtime, manage inventory and preventive maintenance, and track large projects and completion rates for auditors. His objective was to create an automated PM program that would incorporate inventory and project tracking and help them improve machine performance and efficiencies. However, the most important was the need to demonstrate compliance with Safe Quality Foods (SQF) and produced reports that reflected this.

XTO Energy Achieves 100 Percent Work Completion Rate With eMaint X3 CMMS

At the time Doyle joined XTO Energy, there was no formal system in place for tracking preventive and corrective work orders or measuring backlog and work completions. Doyle needed a system that would allow operators to report issues at any time during their shift and enable Doyle to assign work based on priority and skill. This includes submitting emergency work requests in the middle of the night, since the plant runs 24 hours a day. With their former hand-written system, work requests often got misplaced and were left unattended.

eMaint X3 Keeps Management Company and Tenants ‘Satisfied Customers’

With the economy still struggling, the mandate from the property managers to the on-site team is simple: Attract new residents, keep existing tenants happy, and put a lid on costs. Minimizing equipment down time while saving money, however, required a tracking system more sophisticated than paper files. Office Manager Leah Wolf set out to find a CMMS that could log and track maintenance work orders, track turnover work and costs, and monitor asset and maintenance costs over time.

eMaint X3

eMaint X3 is a CMMS software solution that helps businesses in industries such as manufacturing, facilities, fleet and services track maintenance tasks and status, manage work orders and scheduling and perform preventative and predictive maintenance. eMaint X3 includes all features needed to streamline routine maintenance, and also helps businesses prevent potential failures by employing condition monitoring.