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– Engine Yard Managed Cloud Platform

Engine Yard Managed is a cloud computing platform that gives business users the flexibility to build their business applications with a pre-packaged operating system, database, application server and more. Engine Yard Managed offers application deployment with Ruby On Rails.

– Engine Yard Orchestra PHP Cloud

Engine Yard Orchestra PHP Cloud is a Platform-as-a-Service solution for managing Hypertext Preprocessor applications. Engine Yard Orchestra PHP Cloud is built on Amazon Web Services and auto-scales to ensure your resources fit your needs.

Engine Yard Cloud

Engine Yard Cloud is application development software that automatically configures security groups and firewalls, allows users to designate collaborators allowed to work within the environment, and assists user with keeping production environments separate from development environments. The platform clones and copies environments for testing purposes, supports ongoing curation and security update processes, and ensures that all environments receive regular security patch stack updates.