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Enov8 Visual Orchestrate

The Visual Orchestrate component is an IT management software solution that works as a central web portal for all automation on a single unified interface. The platform allows users to work with an umbrella to all E2E life-cycle automation, binds with governance and operational methods and has user and group level security.

Enov8 DataView

DataView is an IT management specialist tool used to improve DevTester productivity through test data accessibility and test data governance mechanisms. The platform provides developers and testers with a framework that ensures complex E2E data is immediately understood and accessible.

Enov8 EcoSystems

Enov8 EcoSystems are an integrated suite of IT and business operations management platforms that include EcoSystem EM for environmental management, OR for organizational resilience, ERM for enterprise release and DataView for test data mining and bookings. Suite services include solution workshops, capability assessments, strategy and road mapping, solution design, solution implementation, training by mentoring and SME/Skill augmentation.