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Epiq Supplier Management

Epiq Supplier Management helps users manage all supplier data and relationships by tracking performance and transactions. Users start off using the program by registering suppliers they wish to work with.

Epiq Sourcing

Epiq Sourcing works throughout the entire sourcing cycle to help users find the items and materials that their company needs. When users first use the program, they can find new suppliers and add them to their vendor list.

Epiq Purchasing

Epiq Purchasing is eprocurement software designed to handle all of the user’s procurement operations by sending out POs and monitoring all of the user’s open orders with vendors. Once users need to place an order, they can create a PO through the program and send it to a supplier.

Epiq Procurement

Epiq Procurement is eprocurement software designed to boost the user’s procurement operations by keeping track of all records and providing visibility over all purchasing processes. Every time users send out a PO to a supplier, the program stores it into an auditable database.