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– eTrigue DemandCenter

eTrigue DemandCenter is a marketing automation software solution built around lead management and nurturing. After a marketing campaign starts, users can create email marketing materials using a WYSIWYG editor and one of many HTML design templates. Once a mail out is sent, the system tracks how viewers interact with the message, takes in information via landing page and registers all activity prospects perform on the company website.

eTrigue Marketing Automation for a New Era in Marketing Campaigns

What does eTrigue marketing automation software do to help its customers and clients adapt to the changing marketing world? Jim Meyer, VP and General Manager of eTrigue spoke with us about eTrigue DemandCenter.

eTrigue DemandCenter

eTrigue DemandCenter is marketing automation software that automates lead nurturing processes, identifies site visitors and prospects, and sends users real-time lead alerts. The platform is equipped with both standard and dynamic form builders, provides visibility into Google AdWords campaigns, and is implemented through tracking code added to the user’s website.