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Accruent Expesite VisionPM

VisionPM is document and project management software that provides users with site-specific document management functionality, schedule management, and project and program reporting tools. The platform enables users to store, exchange and view documents from any web-enabled location, set auto-notifications to alert relevant parties of any changes made to stored documents and data, and is designed with version tracking tools.

– Accruent Expesite VisionMSI

VisionMSI is mobile data collection and survey management software designed for managing building assets and conditions, and is equipped to capture data and photographs through a consistent data collection process. The platform utilizes conditional branching (skip logic) smart forms that allows users to define custom inspection form paths dependent on building types and attributes.

– Accruent Expesite VisionMM

VisionMM is facilities maintenance software equipped with a help desk functionality that include trouble ticketing and work requests executed from a single screen. The platform enables users to track time and labor costs, estimate workloads and completion time, and bill rates.

– Accruent Expesite VisionFM

VisionFM is facility management software that provides companies with capital planning and forecasting tools designed to categorize and track individual building systems. The platform is equipped with employee and organization management, allows users to designate furniture and assets to specific rooms and building spaces, and generates reports related to space, occupancy and shared common areas.

– Accruent Expesite VisionRE

VisionRE is real estate asset management software designed with real estate pipeline management tools that provide users with visibility into location status, site progress against strategic growth plans and status reports based on date, region or real estate manager. The platform assists with the site evaluation and selection processes, delivers analytics pertaining to each site’s potential based on site characteristics, and integrates with third-party marketing demographics tools.