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FinancialForce Spend Management

FinancialForce Spend Management is a spend management software solution that works inside Salesforce to install financial controls within a company. Users can start off by setting spend policies for all procurement staff. In the event that a user needs to submit a purchase order that goes above a certain policy, the program can send out a purchasing request to management staff.

7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade to Cloud Accounting

“If you’re not growing as a company, then you’re dying.” A common, yet powerful notion in this age of everything moving at hyper-speed, growth or downfall, can happen faster than you have time to react. A multitude of companies start off using entry-level tools for accounting, but as the business grows, so do the voids within the programs. These missing features seemingly get patched with the use of spreadsheets, email and other “solutions” that can end up causing more harm than good in the long run.

Is it Time to Upgrade your Accounting System?

Have you outgrown your accounting system? If your platform is holding your business back with productivity-killing manual processes and workarounds, it’s most likely preventing you from proper visibility into your operational finances, and a good night’s sleep. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to hang up the shackles of traditional modular software packages and explore business with the cloud.

Top 10 Accounting Practices Heading for Extinction

In today’s digital economy there is no more “business as usual”. Mobile devices, social media, cloud computing and the internet are all accelerating the pace of business and forcing fundamental changes in the way companies compete and how finance must operate. It’s time to take a long, close look at your current accounting practices and say goodbye to anything that doesn’t support growth, social, mobile, or customer service.

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FinancialForce CPQ Advanced Quoting

CPQ Advanced Quoting is a CPQ software solution that empowers sales teams to more quickly and effectively configure, price and quote goods and services to prospects and customers. CPQ Advanced Quoting offers flexible pricing structures, better views into upsell capabilities and the ability to better manage margin, simplifying the entire quoting process.