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– Health Data Services FreeDOM Practice Management

Health Data Services FreeDOM Practice Management can streamline all of your practice operations. For your patients, the program stores their personal and insurance information in great detail and can handle all appointments.

Health Data Services Inc FreeDOM EHR

FreeDOM EHR is medical software that is designed specifically for smaller medical practices wanting to maintain a traditional workflow, such as chiropractors, mental health practitioners and family practices. The platform allows users to fully integrate the software with with FreeDOM’s practice management software and eliminate possible prescription handwriting errors and oral miscommunication.

Health Data Services MedLedger Administrative

MedLedger Administrative is practice management software that provides users with multiple administrative tool sets including admissions and authorization tracking, ERA auto-posting, reporting tools, and is equipped with user access controls and login capabilities. The platform uses a customizable scheduler and a records editor system to help medical providers tailor the practice management system to their specific needs.

Health Data Services MedLedger Clinical

MedLedger Clinical is electronic medical record software that provides users with multiple tool sets designed to support clinical operations, including built-in EHR functionality, clinical note tools, laboratory testing tools, epresciption capabilities, and EMR interfaces. By eliminating hand writing errors and oral miscommunications found in traditional paper-based record keeping solutions, the platform provides increased efficiency and productivity for medical providers.