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InetSoft Style Scope

InetSoft Style Scope is business intelligence software that provides users with an easy-to-use and interactive dashboard that delivers real-time system reports and analytics. The platform constructs analysis visualizations in real-time such as charts, KPI displays and selection lists, and includes the proprietary Data Block technology, a visual drag-and-drop interface designed to facilitate data mashups and manipulations without requiring hand-coding.

InetSoft Style Scope

InetSoft Style Scope, a separate edition of InetSoft Style Intelligence, is dashboard data exploration software that combines InetSoft’s Data Block technology with visualization. In the hands of the user’s IT experts, this program creates performance-tuned blocks of data that can be sent to business users.

InetSoft Style Report Enterprise

InetSoft Style Report Enterprise is a separate edition of InetSoft Style Intelligence that centers around enterprise reporting. Using a completely web-based interface, the platform helps those in need of web-based, J2EE and ad hoc reporting tools.

InetSoft Style Intelligence

InetSoft Style Intelligence is a self-service big data business intelligence software built for solution providers and businesses alike. The platform is powered by InetSoft’s Data Block technology with a feature called Style Intelligence that can perform real-time data mash-ups and display information via dashboards, scorecards, reports and exception alerts.