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5 Important Habits of Successful HR Professionals

If you’re a seasoned HR professional, you know how challenging the day-to-day of the job can be. You have to […]

EBSCO finds ‘the economics of cloud are self-evident’

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Overview

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Suite Brochure

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you can reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, securely manage MTO and ETO operations, and free up much-needed capital to kick-start new ventures – all in an environment that provides greater reliability and security than you could provide on your own.

Borderless Manufacturing: Achieving Growth through Globalization

Manufacturers seeking growth opportunities are increasingly turning to globalization. Bringing products to a worldwide market opens up opportunities, but also challenges. This whitepaper examines the global marketplace today, global trends and the ways technology helps manufacturers step up to the challenge of globalization.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Handbook

Meet Infor CloudSuite Industrial Industry Suite, a ready-to-run solution, built specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers and service providers. It provides deep, proven capabilities in key areas such as global finance, product design and configuration, project management, quality control, supply chain visibility, production operations, and material management. Even better, the solution is delivered in the cloud, ensuring efficiency, cost-savings, built-in support for global operations, and security that follows industry-leading best practice protocols.

Why Cloud Deployment Supports Multi-dimensional Growth

Mass customization is a growing trend in manufacturing today. Fueled by customer demand and enabled by modern technology, customization is fulfilling two needs: It appeals to modern consumers, and it helps manufacturers find a much-needed competitive edge. These two benefits are the main drivers that are causing manufacturers, small and large, to explore new operational strategies for producing highly customized and configured products.

Improving Business Growth by Achieving Resiliency

Achieving resiliency is an important consideration—and tactic for growth. Resiliency means the system has the ability to “adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining its central purpose.” This is increasingly important as manufacturers must delegate responsibility for building customer relationships to more people in the organization. Download this white paper from IDC which provides insights on this important concept.

Infographic: Cloud as an Engine of Growth

An IDG Research survey shows clearly that most business have strong ambitions to growth with new product development and increase channels to market. When asked what it will take to make this growth happen, many organizations and IT leaders point to the vast attributes and benefits of cloud. Behind this cloud movement is a firm belief that cloud business applications will boost the speed of service delivery and time to market of growth-producing products and services.

Manufacturing’s Trifecta: Optimism, Growth and Investment

In this brief, we will examine the optimism, see how it is impacting growth strategies, and offer advice on ways that modern IT solutions can help support this forward-facing mindset. Like a three-legged stool, where each leg is critical to maintaining balance, modern ERP technology plays a vital role in manufacturing’s positive growth outlook.