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Ivalua End-to-End Spend Management

Ivalua End-to-End Spend Management is a suite of spend management modules including supplier management, strategic sourcing, contracts and pricing, procurement, invoices and payables, and strategy and analytics. The suite is designed to manage supplier information, third-party risk incidents, supplier issues, improvement plans and vendor MDM.

Ivalua Sourcing

Ivalua Sourcing provides users with a set of collaboration tools they can use throughout the sourcing process. After users compile a list of suppliers, they can then send out a RFQ to each one and have them reverse bid on it.

Ivalua Contract Management

Ivalua Contract Management is designed to handle supplier contracts and maintain them throughout their lifecycles. When users first need to draft a contract, the program can be used as a collaborative writing platform for both the user and the supplier.

Ivalua Procurement

Ivalua Procurement is a set of four modules users can use throughout the procurement process. When users first need to find an item, they can pull up a number of supplier catalogs in the program, browse through them and search for goods by keyword.

– Ivalua Travel and Expenses

Ivalua Travel and Expenses is a travel and expense spend management solution that uses workflows to help you report all your travel purchases and expenses.

Ivalua Supplier Management

Ivalua Supplier Management ensures that each of the user’s supplier’s performance is up to speed so that they can avoid any possible problems in the supply chain. The program starts off by attaching a detailed risk profile to each supplier.