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JAGGAER Direct Supply Chain Management

JAGGAER Direct Supply Chain Management is supply chain management software designed to help companies to reduce costs and to accelerate lead times. The platform covers all stages within the supply chain including ordering, goods receipt, and invoicing, is built to adhere to industry standards, and enables users to connect with all of their suppliers over web EDI.

JAGGAER Supplier Management

JAGGAER Supplier Management is an inventory management software solution that automates the supplier management process in order to best identify and utilize ideal suppliers, effectively and efficiently manage supplier spending, and streamline supplier management processes. The platform manages supplier data, contract expiration dates, and contract pricing compliance.

JAGGAER Sourcing

JAGGAER Sourcing is an intelligent sourcing software solution that helps users create events, manage bids, and award contracts. The platform is built to assist users with assessing and choosing ideal sources based on the user’s products, ideal services based on company needs, and is built to suite a range of sourcing needs including automating and enhancing sourcing events and supporting day-to-day operations.

JAGGAER Accounts Payable

JAGGAER Accounts Payable is AP automation software designed to optimize company costs and to provide users with control over their invoicing processes. The platform is built to eliminate manual processes such as hand-keying, manual matching and invoice approvals needed in order to pay vendors.