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JDA Logistics Procurement

JDA Logistics Procurement works with shippers and carriers to negotiate service contracts. The program starts by compiling all of the user’s transportation and logistics data and then determines which shippers can provide them with the best contracts.

JDA Enterprise Planning

JDA Enterprise Planning is retail- and merchandise-focused process planning software that enables users to create and define strategic guidelines designed to protect profit margins. The platform supports omni-channel retail operations and enables users to strategically manage all execution activities including vendor selection and inventory clearance.

JDA Inventory Optimization

JDA Inventory Optimization is an end-to-end inventory management software solution primarily designed for retailers and distributors. At the start, the program can help users strategically plan their stock and send out POs to suppliers.

JDA Supply Chain Planner

JDA Supply Chain Planner goes across all of the user’s supply chain data to monitor and help prevent disruptions. The program works at a global scale to plan business objectives, handle all procurement and distribute goods to customers.

JDA Contract Management

JDA Contract Management is contract management software that provides important tools for handling all contracts across an enterprise. The platform allows users to store all contracts in a central database and create new ones to add to their existing catalogue.

JDA Retail Planning

JDA Retail Planning is a set of solutions designed to support merchandise operations and is equipped with forecasting, planning and space management tools. The solutions offered include allocation, assortment, demand planning, enterprise planning, retail lifecycle planning and the application.

– JDA Transportation Planner

JDA Transportation Planner transforms order fulfillment by using your business rules to ensure adherence to inventory and transportation constraints.

JDA Intelligent Fulfillment

JDA Intelligent Fulfillment is a collection of distribution solutions that supports demand, flowcasting, fulfillment, inventory visibility, tracking and tracing, transportation management, and warehouse and warehouse labor management. The solutions are designed to take into account real-world constraints, supports iterative planning and execution, and enterprise-wide sales and inventory transaction processing capabilities.

JDA Manufacturing Planning

JDA Manufacturing Planning is a collection of solution designed to support the manufacturing and supply chain processes. The offered solutions include agile control tower, demand planning, enterprise supply planning, factory planning and sequencing, inventory optimization, order promising, and sales and operations planning tools.