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– JReport

JReport is a Java-based business intelligence application developed by Jinfonet Software. The 11th edition of JReport, which was released in April 2012, can be deployed in a variety of ways: As an embedded reporting engine used in other applications; as a stand alone system; or, in any cloud environment.

– Jinfonet- JDashboard

The JDashboard is a data visualization tool that is used to create, edit and browse dashboards with components built in JReport Designer. The JDashboard displays visually rich components, including maps, tables and live charts, and combines them with various on-screen interactions.

– JReport – JReport Server Live

As a JReport component which interfaces with data sources and manages report distribution and version control, the JReport Server Live is a high performance, 100% Java report server that comes with a full administrator user interface that schedules reports and manages servers. It is also capable of being for browser based report authoring.