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Kenshoo Social

Kenshoo Social is social marketing software designed to automate social marketing campaign creation, management, and optimization. The platform provides users with intuitive workflows, works to build brand recognition and demand, and is capable of running campaigns on multiple social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

– Kenshoo Local

Kenshoo Local is a marketing automation software solution that is designed to maintain marketing campaigns at a local level. Users start out by designing campaigns with the help of a software wizard and campaign templates. The program can then target campaign messages towards specific geographic segments and manage all ad bids and budgets.

– Kenshoo SmartPath

Kenshoo SmartPath is a marketing automation software solution that works with ad bidding platforms to adjust all bids for marketing campaigns. The program automatically creates a bidding model based on past campaign performance and can go live with all currently active ads. As viewers interact with ads, the system can automatically adjust bids to favor ads with the highest conversion rates. Meanwhile, users can track all campaign budgeting and spending and view forecasts for future campaigns.

Kenshoo Search

With over 50 third-party software integrations, Kenshoo Enterprise is a robust marketing campaign management software solution with a wide variety of tools to bring people to the user’s site. This paid search marketing program can help users generate keywords through the use of algorithms, maximize ROI with its automated bidding formula, provides users with A/B testing tools, and deliver business intelligence on a global scale.