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– Ketera for Suppliers

Ketera for Suppliers is an ecommerce software solution that allows suppliers to sell their wares on the Ketera network. At the start, users can publish their products and services in catalogs and create a business profile. Users can then browse public quote requests posted up by purchasers and answer quotes directly sent to them. If both the buyer and supplier reach a mutual agreement on a quote, the program can process the order, send out updates in real-time and take care of all invoicing.

– Ketera for Buyers

Ketera for Buyers is a spend management and eprocurement software solution that connects users to suppliers and highlights spend trends. Users start using the program by searching for products across the Ketera network, viewing supplier profiles and submitting quotes. Users can then view all returned quotes and place an order with a supplier after a contract is drafted. The system automates the entire procurement process and takes care of invoice reconciliation after an order is confirmed and received.