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– LessSoftware Light Manufacturing

LessSoftware Light Manufacturing provides users with visibility and control over the entire production lifecycle. The program starts out by displaying entire production calendars and the materials needed for each project.

– LessSoftware Order Fulfillment

LessSoftware Order Fulfillment works throughout the entire supply chain cycle to connect a company’s sales and supply chain staff together. For sales, the program handles company price lists and can send out quotes to customers.

– LessSoftware Supplier Management

LessSoftware Supplier Management stores and maintains all data on suppliers so that a 360 degree view on performance is available for each partner. Whenever a new supplier is entered into the program, the system can import all formal documents and key contacts.

– LessSoftware Inventory Management

LessSoftware Inventory Management makes it easy for companies to track each and every piece of inventory. Every time an inventory action occurs, such as movement or receiving, a user enters the action into the program so that it can monitor the item’s status.