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– Lexmark Perceptive Content

Lexmark Perceptive Content is an ECM software solution that boosts collaboration and accessibility levels for workers. Each time a piece of content is uploaded, the program automatically begins to track it so that it does not get lost down the line. Meanwhile, users can easily search through files by text, set access privileges for each file and manage files’ metadata.

– Lexmark Perceptive Process

Lexmark Perceptive Process is a BPM software solution designed to bring information to workers in a quick and easy manner. At the start, users collaborate with one another to define and redesign processes. If there are any problems with the design process, users can go through the program’s document library to find what they need.

– Lexmark Markvision Enterprise

Lexmark Markvision Enterprise is a device management software solution that can integrate with nearly any type of device. The program features role-based dashboards and allows users to track, troubleshoot and maintain all registered devices. For instance, users can schedule tasks, search for devices by a number of fields, pull up device details and create device groupings.