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– LongJump Online Database

LongJump Online Database is a collaboration software solution that serves as an alternative to manually e-mailing spreadsheets to different users.

– LongJump PaaS

LongJump PaaS is a Cloud platform run on LongJump’s servers that can host all your applications. The program has a guaranteed 99% uptime and is built on Java, JSP, HTML, and XML, allowing flexibility for what types of applications it can support.

– LongJump CRM

LongJump CRM is a complete CRM solution with sales force automation, e-mail marketing, and customer support features. For sales force automation, the program stores all lead, prospect, and account information and logs each customer interaction. In the event that you are overdue for a follow up, you will receive an alert.

– LongJump Cloud Platform

Long Jump is a multi-tenant cloud solution that gives businesses the tools and capabilities to build their own SaaS solutions within public or private clouds. Long Jump offers a highly scalable set of integrated tools and flexible core functionality that do not require special skills or knowledge.