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LuxSci Secure Email

LuxSci Secure Email eliminates threats in the user’s inbox and enforces compliance with HIPAA regulations. Whenever users receive a new message, the program uses McAfee technology to screen it for spam, viruses, and other suspect content.

LuxSci Dedicated Web Hosting

LuxSci Dedicated Web Hosting is a full website hosting solution that can work with secure and HIPAA-compliant sites. The service is flexible in how users want to use their account, giving users the options of setting up several different websites under a single login, testing pages before going live, and using a variety of scripting languages.

LuxSci SecureForm

LuxSci SecureForm provides users with web and PDF forms for securely receive data from users and customers. The program can easily integrate with the user’s current library of forms and monitor website bandwidth, protect against form spam and other types of abuse, and ensure that all data is handled in compliance with HIPAA.

– LuxSci WebAides

LuxSci WebAides is a collaboration software solution that offers set of online tools you can use with partners and staff. The program makes it easy to share online content with other users.