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– M-Files for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

M-Files for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a document management system that works inside the Microsoft Dynamics system to manage documents, emails and contracts.

M-Files QMS

M-Files QMS is an enterprise-level quality management software that helps companies meet certification requirements for documents and processes. The platform allows users to adhere to a variety of quality standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 9000 and FDA and have support throughout the auditing process.

M-Files EAM

M-Files EAM is an enterprise asset management software for buildings and suppliers that help determine maintenance needs. The platform allows users to scour their network to import plant and asset data and create preventive maintenance plans and send maintenance BOMs to suppliers.

M-Files Cloud Vault

M-Files Cloud Vault is a cloud hosting software for documents that can be deployed locally or on the web. The platform allows users to work with Microsoft Azure technology, which allows it to scale flexibly and deploy files rapidly.

M-Files DMS

M-Files DMS is an enterprise content management software that integrates with Windows Explorer and is used for all documents. The platform allows users to import files into the program, automatically index files and store their metadata for searches later on.