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– MagneticOne e-Commerce Dashboard

MagneticOne e-Commerce Dashboard is a business intelligence tool that enables ecommerce businesses to track pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) and improve web store performance. The platform delivers all of the essential KPIs for ecommerce businesses in an interactive and flexible format that accelerates the decision-making process and helps companies identify market trends and address problems before they arise.

MagneticOne CMS2CMS

CMS2CMS is a website migration system that enables users to migrate site content and data from one system to another while preserving SEO juice and requires no coding. The system carries over all of a user’s categories and content relations and utilizes the built-in Connection Bridge functionality to connect old sites to new sites in order to transfer all data while maintaining current state.

MagneticOne Cart2Cart

Cart2Cart is an innovative e-commerce service that provides automated import of shopping cart data. The software allows users to register on the official site and follow easy steps to set up the import of products with product information from csv, .xml and .txt files to a target shopping cart.