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– MarketMaker4 MarketMaking

MarketMaker4 MarketMaking is an online sourcing software solution you can use to host online auctions. Upon purchasing a license, the MarketMaker4 support team assists you by establishing relationships with suppliers.

– MarketMaker4 Market Insights

MarketMaker4 Market Insights brings your supply chain key insights that go into maintaining a supply chain in today’s market. The program displays key supply chain metrics, such as exchange rates, trade regions, and commodity price trends, and tells you how each one can affect your company specifically.

– MarketMaker4 eSourcing Suite

MarketMaker4 eSourcing Suite contains a number of tools you can use to find the materials you need for your business. Whenever you need to purchase some materials,

– MarketMaker4 Business Intelligence

MarketMaker4 Business Intelligence provides your supply chain team with information it can use to find new sources of materials. The program is anchored around its supplier database,