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Maytech Quatrix China

Quatrix China is business process management software that provides users with granular administrative control and is compliant with global security and privacy standards. The platform enables users to share and transfer large files with China while ensuring that partners in China experience reliable uploads and downloads, supports rapid delivery and acquisition to and from China, and is a feature-rich product that includes a full API for integration with complex workflows and automated systems.

Maytech FTP-Stream China

FTP-Stream China is hosted FTP data transfer software that enables users to send and receive files from China and is equipped with granular administration controls. The platform adheres to global security standards, supports sizeable data transfers to and from China, and facilitates rapid file delivery and acquisition to and from China.

Maytech Quatrix

Quatrix is file sharing and cloud storage software that enables IT teams to enforce compliance, data protection and information security policies. The platform is equipped with granular administrative controls, full audit trails, and is white labelled in order to integrate with the user’s brand and corporate identity.