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– McKesson Practice Partner Patient Records

Practice Partner Patient Records improves documentation quality and facilitates better patient communication using their Bright Note Technology and a Single-Screen Progress Note Entry.

– McKesson Practice Partner Medical Billing

Practice Partner Medical Billing contains an easy-to-use Windows interface and reduced keystrokes, thus reducing training time and boosting office efficiency.

– McKesson Practice Complete EHR

An integrated solution, Practice Complete EHR minimizes workload through automating tasks such as billing management and scheduling.

– McKesson Practice Choice EHR

With a simple organization and drag and drop functionality, Practice Choice assists medical providers with billing, record-keeping, and scheduling.

McKesson Practice Care

Through online patient collections tools and automated patient reminder services, Practice Care improves customer service in medical organizations. Practice Care aims to optimize use of other McKesson based products, such as LytecMD and Medisoft, through integration.

McKesson iKnowMed EHR

An oncology specific solution, iKnowMed EHR provides features such as chemotherapy ordering and nursing documentation to give medical providers a comprehensive solution.