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MetricStream Risk Management

MetricStream Risk Management is risk and compliance management software that provides users with a framework designed to support multiple risk management functionalities including documentation processes, risk assessment, and audit management. The platform enables users to define system controls, identify issues, and implement remediation plans utilizing the built-in risk calculation tool.

MetricStream Vendor Governance

MetricStream Vendor Governance is governance and risk management software that provides users with a centralized system designed to manage all vendor governance, performance, risk and compliance processes. The platform enables users to extend processes across global vendor networks, aggregates and unifies vendor data within a common system, and provides users with system transparency and accountability.

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance

MetricStream ISO 9000 Compliance is compliance and quality management software that provides users with a process-centric approach towards quality management. The platform automates quality management processes, provides users with real-time quality metrics visibility, works to reduce costs accrued from poor quality, and ensures users comply with ISO 9000 standards.