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– Mindjet ProjectDirector

Mindjet ProjectDirector is a project management software solution that emphasizes on collaboration throughout the project cycle. The product can display project updates of all sizes on a social stream, and users can talk with each other through chat and messaging.

– Mindjet SpigitEngage

Mindjet SpigitEngage is a gamification software solution that is designed to foster collaboration in work environments. The program encourages workers to submit their own ideas for solving problems. After everyone has sent in a proposal, the entire company can vote on the most popular solutions. People who accrue high vote totals earn points on leaderboards and virtual currency that can later be redeemed for prizes.

Mindjet MindManager

MindManager is a collaboration software solution that allows workers to maintain ideas, meetings and projects in a single space. The program organizes all project data in a visual sandbox where connected pieces of data are tied together by lines.