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MosaicCRM AccountPro

MosaicCRM AccountPro is CRM software that puts in place processes that oversees deal flow across one’s pipeline. The platform allows users to have visibility of accounts to find designed sales processes that match the company’s values.

MosaicCRM PipelinePro

MosaicCRM PipelinePro is CRM software that delivers accurate forecasting and instant diagnostics for its users’ sales activities. The platform allows users to create a management process that links together activities, timing, stepped progress and email alerts.

MosaicCRM LeadPro

MosaicCRM LeadPro CRM is a CRM software that both sales and marketing teams will use for acquisition, distribution, tracking and data mining of multiple lead capture sources including 3rd party providers. The platform allows users to distribute, follow up, track and reassign automatically for leads from both online and traditional sources.