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Let’s Talk RhoMobile: Behind the Software Q&A with Motorola Solutions had the pleasure of speaking to Mark Kirstein, Motorola Solutions’ Senior Director of Project Management solutions, about the rapid evolution both RhoMobile and Motorola Solutions undertake. We talk about the new developer-centric world, the internet-of-things future, and the complexities of building business software.

– Motorola Solutions RhoMobile Suite

Motorola Solutions RhoMobile Suite is an application development software solution that builds apps for iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices. The program features an open source framework that allows apps to take advantage of all the features found on mobile devices, such as GPS and cameras. Users can additionally connect apps to cloud services and other back-end databases and data sources. Once apps are ready for testing, the system can run them in simulated native mobile device environments and perform debugging. Lastly, Motorola Solutions RhoMobile Suite can help distribute apps to users and stores and push out updates for new app builds.