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Netsmart CareRecords

CareRecords is EMR/EHR software designed for human services and post-acute care activities by connecting to larger healthcare ecosystems and works to reduce and eliminate cycles of relapse, emergency department visits and hospitalization. The platform works within the larger CareFabric platform, a comprehensive suite of EHR and practice management products and services.

– Netsmart Technologies CarePointe

Netsmart Technologies CarePointe is a practice management software solution that provides patients with a number of online communication tools. At the start, users can create web portals and accounts for patients. Through these portals, patients can send out secure messages, set appointment dates, request prescriptions and view lab results.

Netsmart CareConnect

CareConnect is practice management software built as an interoperable engine designed to allow practices to connect with referral networks and partners such as acute and primary care provides, laboratories, public health reporting agencies and health information exchanges (HIEs). The platform works as a single point of access for connecting to a larger healthcare ecosystem, provides a secure information sharing portal, and works to minimize redundant treatment incidents.

Netsmart CareManager

CareManager is homecare management software that facilitates care coordination and population health care management as well as communication and information exchange processes. The platform is equipped with real-time alert settings for emergency department vists, hospitalization, gaps in patient care, and other patient-specific care information such as allergies and medications.

– Netsmart Technologies Evolv-CS

Netsmart Technologies Evolv-CS is a web-based electronic health records solution designed for the human services industry. Through the program, you can easily report on virtually any type of data and customize the interface to meet your needs.