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NueSoft Technologies NueMD Medical Billing

NueMD Medical Billing is medical billing software that improves the efficiency of the medical billing process by shortening the reimbursement process. The platform also benefits its clients through its cost-effective utility; patients have a self-scheduling system that allows them to choose appointment dates without an additional cost for multiple users.

NueSoft Technologies NueMD EHR

NueMD EHR is tailored to the unique needs of medical providers by delivering industry-specific EHR solutions. The platform is internet-based and allows for ease of sharing and storing of patient information and data. With the ease of sharing information, the software solution promotes interoperability and effective communication.

NueSoft Technologies NueMD PM

NueMD PM is a flexible practice management solution that allows medical providers to monitor and access their organizations operations at any time. The platform is convenient and easy to learn to use, allowing for employees to quickly utilize its features.