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Optimum Time & Attendance

Optimum Time & Attendance is employee tracking software that provides organizations with rule-based preferences designed to manage any number of employees and various schedules. Business rules include individual employee schedules, organization, overtime rules and grace periods as defined by the company, and employee level.

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Optimum Payroll

Optimum Payroll is payroll software that facilitates multiple payroll processing, multiple checks for any employee in a particular payroll process and unlimited direct deposits. The platform is designed to stand alone as well as integrate with existing third-party products, assists with adhering to ACA/OSHA/HIPAA and other government requirements, and ensures that all data is secure at every level.

Optimum HR

Optimum HR is HR software designed to facilitate human resource management, government reporting and manageable record keeping. The software assists companies with staying compliant with integrated Affordable Care and OSHA guidelines, tracks benefits eligibility and ensures that all confidential and sensitive employee health information remains secure.

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