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PatientKeeper eSignature

PatientKeeper eSignature is a digital signature tool that can be used to sign off on any incomplete practice documents. From any web browser, users can add signatures to scanned and digital orders, charts, bills and reports.

PatientKeeper ePrescription

PatientKeeper ePrescription helps users write prescriptions by streamlining the process and guarding against potential errors. Whenever users create a new prescription, the program makes sure that the patient is not allergic to the drug and not taking any conflicting medications.

PatientKeeper CPOE

PatientKeeper CPOE (Physician Order Entry) is designed for easy adoption by physicians and can be used to purchase all of the user’s practice’s assets. Each physician can create personalized order sets to help streamline recurring or common purchases.

PatientKeeper Analytics

PatientKeeper Analytics is a big data analytics software solution to organize and analyze billing data for making key business decisions. The platform features visual dashboards on key metrics, trends and patterns for practices. For more information on a data point, users can drill down into the details to get a more comprehensive analysis.