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Paycom HR Management

Paycom HR Management is a complete human capital management system that provides users with toolsets for document and task management, government compliance, benefits administration, COBRA administration, self-service capabilities, personnel action forms and surveys and analytics. The platform securely stores employee documents and records while protecting said documents from any unauthorized access, assists users with employee retention rates, and provides employees with online access to company forms and documents as well as facilitates any online signatures required on those forms.

Paycom Payroll

Paycom Payroll is payroll software that provides users with a complete payroll toolset including General Ledger assistance, expense management, garnishment management, payroll tax management, online payroll processing, and enhanced ACA tools. The platform is equipped with the Paycom Pay tool that issues checks to employees that clear from a Paycom bank account, as well as drafts net payroll, taxes and fees from that same Paycom account.