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PayPal for Nonprofits

PayPal for Nonprofits is fundraising software that enables charities and organizations to accept donations both online and in-person, requires no programming skills for implementation, and doesn’t require donors to have PayPal accounts in order to donate. The platform offers discounted rates for 501(c)(3) charities, provides users with a simplified donation button that accepts credit cards, debit cards and PayPal payments, and provides users with the option of implementing the Express Checkout feature for checking out with a PayPal account.

Braintree Recurring Billing

Braintree Recurring Billing software designed to accept repeat online payments for organizations with subscription- or donation-based businesses. The platform allows users to attach different customers to different billing plans, as well as facilitates any mid-month billing plan changes made by either the user or the customer and automatically calculates any adjusted amounts owed.

Paypal Here

Paypal Here is a mobile payment software that accepts a wide variety of payment types such as checks, PayPal and credit cards. The platform allows users to access instantly available payment funds with the ability to withdraw funds with PayPal merchant debit card.