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PGi GlobalMeet

PGi GlobalMeet is an enterprise-class virtual meeting solution that gives users one-click access to start, schedule and manage meetings from PC, Mac, smartphones and tablet devices. With custom URLs, all online meetings can take place in the same online locations, making guest access convenient.

PGi iMeet

PGi iMeet is a web conferencing solution that allows users to host or attend meetings with up to 125 people across all device types. With high-quality video and enterprise-class audio, teams can use iMeet to have meetings, prospect calls and interview from any location with one click. This web conferencing solution supports up to 15 high-quality webcams. In addition, if an attending member to a meeting does not use iMeet, he receives free access with no downloads or memberships. Users can store, access and share files in a virtual, cloud-based file cabinet.

TalkPoint Convey

Convey is webcasting software that runs through any standard web browser, allowing webcasts to be viewed and managed on any computer, laptop or mobile device. The platform allows automated video signal acquisition from the user’s existing phone connection, webcam, video conferencing unit or encoder.