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– Piqora Pinterest Analytics

Piqora Pinterest Analytics is a social media monitoring software solution that tracks over 1000 brands across the Pinterest platform. As users log into the program, they can see how many repins, likes, followers and comments they have in relation to competitors. If users spend money on a Pinterest campaign, they can track its ROI by seeing the reach of campaign content and what types of content are most effective and viral.

– Piqora Social eCommerce

Piqora Social eCommerce takes all your inventory and shopping feed data and provides an eCommerce front on Pinterest for it. As a result, you can integrate your audience’s pins and likes with your items on sale.

– Piqora Content Management

Piqora Content Management works within your Pinterest profile to identify what types of content perform the best. The program automatically ranks your content and tells you how recently it was posted.

– Piqora Promotions

Piqora Promotions lets you launch, manage, and analyze a variety of promotions for your Pinterest account. Your fans and followers can participate in sweepstakes and contests, and you can issue out coupons.

– Piqora Analytics

Piqora Analytics measures how well your Pinterest pins perform so that you can find which content brings the most traffic. The program highlights the top pins for each website and board, each pin’s engagement score, how many repins a pin has, and the number of likes and comments.