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– Progress DataDirect DataDirectCloud

Progress DataDirect DataDirectCloud works with SaaS applications, big data sources and social media channels to connect them to a cloud storage platform. To do this, users just need to embed a single component into a SaaS program. Once everything is linked up, users have access to big data around the clock, can compute on-demand and stream data in an optimized fashion.

– Progress DataDirect DataDirectConnect

Progress DataDirect DataDirectConnect works across business applications to connect them to data stored in the cloud. Although this type of data storage is remote, the program guarantees that it can boost application performance by increasing response times and lowering the toll on local hardware.

– Progress DataDirect DataIntegration Suite

Progress DataDirect DataIntegration Suite integrates with enterprise platforms to make them compatible with a wide range of data source types. The program starts out by visually mapping a data source and generating a code based off of it.