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Progress Sitefinity

Sitefinity is content management software designed to deliver multi-channel digital experiences over web and mobile responsive sites, as well as mobile apps via NativeScript. The platform is designed to continuously optimize website experiences, enables users to deliver quality web content, and is designed to be highly extensible and developer friendly.

Progress Corticon

Progress Corticon is a business rules management software solution that helps users create rules with the best decision logic. Users start out by modeling rules in the program’s graphic design studio.

Progress OpenEdge

Progress OpenEdge is an application development software solution that can create programs for a variety of platforms and devices. At the start, users can set and model processes that form the backbone of human-application interaction. Once the processes are done, the program goes into a mobile development phase where users can build the UI with a visual designer.

Progress DataRPM

DataRPM is predictive analytics software that utilizes a patent pending Meta-learning technology called Cognitive Predictive Maintenance (CPdM) to automate predictions of asset failures. The full stack platform runs multiple Machine-learning experiments, finds patterns and anomalies in data and identifies influencing factors and predictors

Progress DataDirect

DataDirect is a custom driver development kit that works with any type of data source and API. The program comes with pre-coded solutions for most types of platforms and is compatible with C, C++, Java and .NET.