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– Quosal Mobile

Quosal Mobile is a mobile app for sales staff who need to generate quotes on the go. With a few button presses and swipes, users can create full quotes from any web-enabled device.

– Quosal Catalog

Quosal Catalog is a project catalog software solution that keeps track of local and remote inventories. At the start, the program can be configured to take inventory and pricing feeds from suppliers on a user-defined schedule.

– Quosal Create

Quosal Create is a quote proposal software solution designed to make brands more professional looking. Because quoting is one of the initial steps that goes into a sale, the program features professional, eye-catching quote design templates for use.

– Quosal Porter

Quosal Porter is an ecommerce platform designed to generate sales via its professional page design templates. As customers browse a company’s webpage, they can submit quotes and interact with sales staff.

– Quosal Sell

Quosal Sell is a CRM software solution that uses gamification to boost sales teams’ morale and operations. At the start of the sales cycle, the program can generate and send out quotes and proposals. From there, the system tracks each sale and ensures that each opportunity has received the proper follow up.