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– Ramco HCM

Ramco HCM works throughout all HR processes to streamline your company’s HR operations.

– Ramco Analytics

Ramco Analytics is a business intelligence (BI) tool that helps administrators gain insight into their enterprises.

– Ramco ERP Suite

Ramco ERP Suite provides companies with a number of comprehensive solutions to provide end-to-end business management.

Ramco HCM on Cloud

Ramco HCM on Cloud is human capital management software that provides users with key HR functionality including core HR, time and attendance, payroll, talent management, recruiting, and planning and analytics tools. The platform manages employee records via pre-built functions including personal information, dependents, skill sets, and training, manages and provides visibility into employee movements such as transfers, promotions and deputations, and enables users to manage work-related travel and expenses.

Ramco Analytics Suite

Ramco Analytics Suite is a suite of analytic reporting tools that includes Ramco DecisionWorks, Ramco Banking Analytics, Ramco Aviation Analytics, and Ramco Power Analytics. The suite provides users with 360 degree organization performance visibility, delivers critical KPI reports, and measures, monitors and manages business goals and growth.

Ramco ERP Suite

Ramco ERP Suite is a suite of ERP tools including finance and accounting, HCM and payroll, asset management, supply chain management, production, quality management, project management and dealer management tools. The suite is built using One Codebase in order to ensure that all the system’s aspects work seamlessly together, is available as a pay-for-use subscription with Zero CapEx, and is available as a mobile solution in order to provide users with 24/7 access and real-time insights from any location.