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– Raymark Mobile Store Associate Platform

Raymark Mobile Store Associate Platform is a point of sale software solution that handles all retail sales activity completely through mobile devices. At the start, the program can import inventory data from an existing database or manually create a new one. Users can then easily pull up inventory stock and item information when dealing with customers. When an actual sale occurs, users can present intelligence-based cross-selling opportunities to the customer during the checkout process.

– Raymark Point of Sale

Raymark Point of Sale is a point of sale software solution that works with mobile devices to complete in-store retail purchases. At the start, users can integrate the program with virtually any type of inventory and customer database. From there, users can pull up inventory stock levels, information on items and customer activity trends. All of this information can be used to generate key insights on sales.

– Raymark Retail CRM

Raymark Retail CRM is a CRM software solution designed for companies in the retail market. As customers interact with a retail chain, the program can collect their purchasing and contact data and measure it against sale KPIs. Users can then work with this data and create marketing campaigns to boost customer loyalty. Each marketing message sent to a customer is fully customized and targeted based on where the customer is in the shopper lifecycle.