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Real Asset Management

Real Asset Management (RAM) is a leading provider of fixed asset management solutions with over 3,000 clients in more than […]

– Real Asset Management EAM

Real Asset Management EAM Software can handle your assets at an enterprise scale and provides functionality in the areas of accounting, business intelligence, tracking, and maintenance management.

Real Asset Management Fixed Asset Accounting

Fixed Asset Accounting is a centralized fixed asset register that provides user with a comprehensive asset database. The platform tracks asset movement and depreciation in order to organize and record all events in an asset’s lifecycle.

– Real Asset Management Business Intelligence

Real Asset Management Business Intelligence brings you relevant data on your assets to help you make decisions for managing them. From a dashboard, you can create interactive data visualizations with drill-down options, generate a variety of reports, and track asset performance along KPIs.

Real Asset Management Asset Tracking

Real Asset Management Asset Tracking Software is a centralized register from where users can pull up data on all company assets. By default, the program details assets’ departments, locations, purchase dates, full histories, cost centers, and values and users have the option of adding custom information fields.

Real Asset Management CMMS

Real Asset Management CMMS is CMMS software that works with assets throughout the maintenance cycle so that users can lower costs, reduce downtime, and increase reliability. The program handles all maintenance costs, histories, work orders, schedules, and bills of materials. Each asset’s details can be displayed and maintained through the system’s asset register tool, and users can add fields for information if needed.