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Replicon TimeCost

TimeCost is project, labor and cost management software that provides users with project status, employee time and approval workflows in real-time. The platform facilitates new project creation, allows users to set both predefined and customization key components, and facilitates time entry processes.

Replicon TimeAttend

TimeAttend is automated time tracking software that works to create error-free payroll processes, facilitates overtime and employee absence management and ensures companies comply to all applicable labor laws. The platform is equipped with intuitive and configurable timesheets designed to track all employee time and activities, and allows users to setup reminder alerts to ensure submissions and approvals meet deadlines.

Replicon Expense

Replicon Expense is employee expense and reimbursement software that provides users with real-time expense visibility, and allows employees to record and submit expenses from mobile devices. The platform is designed to automate the reimbursement process in order to ensure accurate budgeting practices, monitor and control business costs, and enables employees to upload and submit relevant photos with their expense submissions.

Replicon TimeOff

TimeOff is employee time, absence and vacation management software designed to assist employees, managers and HR professionals with time delegation processes. The platform enables employees to view their own time-off accrual and balance, manage time-off requests and spending, and only involves managers for approval of time-off requests.

Replicon CloudClock

CloudClock is employee time clock software that works to prevent instances of time theft by deterring ‘buddy punching’ through a camera functionality that captures a photo of each individual as they clock in. The platform enables employees to manage their own schedule, as well as request time off and view status of each request.

Replicon TimeBill

TimeBill is time and billing software that provides users with multiple levels of project tracking, and tracks consultant time and tasks in real-time. The platform enables users to provide clients with complete visibility as to how time and money is being spent, as well as provides insights to internal costs and billable rates for every active project.